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What Are The Best Greyhound Boots for Greyhounds With Corns?

What Are The Best Greyhound Boots for Greyhounds With Corns?

Boots are a fantastic investment and can greatly relieve your greyhound's pain. You can use greyhound boots as a preventative measure against corns, to reduce pain and limping when your dog has corns, or to help post-surgery. 

The Greyhound Boot We Recommend: Hunnyboots

Here at Zoomadog we always recommend Hunnyboots. These are specifically designed for greyhound and whippet paws with high shanks to fit skinny legs and not fall off.

They're excellent for dogs recovering from, or who have, current corns, or need extra protection for their sensitive paws. They can be worn inside or out on walks in all weathers.

Find fleece-lined version here

Hunnyboots socks are here

Many owners also add socks inside the boots. This has two advantages: First, socks help bunch the toes together when putting on the boots. This stops the toes from going in all directions. Secondly, when the boots get sweaty you only need to wash the socks, not the whole boot. 

Find Therapaw Dog Boots here

  • Alternatively, the Therapaw Protective Dog Boot with an extra thick sole has an ultra-cushioned interior padding which alleviates pain and reduces lameness by distributing weight more evenly. These are also suitable for both inside and outside wear.

Find Walker Active Boots here

  • We can also recommend the Walker Active Dog Boots. However, although these offer good protection, they are more of an all-rounder boot and not specifically designed for greyhound or whippet paws shapes. This means they can often fall off sighthounds. 

Join the Excellent Facebook Group

There is an excellent Facebook group called 'Greyhounds with Corns' especially designated to greyhounds with corns. Greyhound owners share ideas, treatments and frustrations with corns.

Join the Facebook group Greyhounds with Corns here. 

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The Best Greyhound Boots

Introducing Hunnyboots! Hunnyboots are especially designed for the slim greyhounds and whippet paws

Find Hunnyboots
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