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My Greyhound Had One Toe Amputated. I'd Like Her to Wear Hunnyboots. What Should I Do?

My Greyhound Had One Toe Amputated. I'd Like Her to Wear Hunnyboots. What Should I Do?

My Greyhound has had one toe amputated and is about to have another one removed, leaving only two thinner outer toes. I'd like her to wear Hunnyboots. What Should I Do?

Don’t worry - your greyhound can still wear Hunnyboots. Measure off her opposing good foot as she should still wear the same sized boots on each foot, despite missing digits 3 and 4.

Once you've chosen the correct sized shoes (normal Hunnyboots are recommended as they're much softer and will be easier to put on) get two pairs of our socks for her 'duff' foot.

The two options you have are:

1) Go and buy a very soft silicone makeup sponge (Sephora make a good one), take reference photos of her good standing foot (top and side) and then trim the sponge with small sharp scissors to fashion and fill the missing toes gap so that it looks like two conjoined fake toes (the Sephora sponge looks a bit like the correct shape to start). 

The end result will look like a small hunchbacked mouse with a small head and a flat butt. Pop on one sock, making toe space, then the sponge, then a second sock over the top to hold it all in place. Carefully insert the foot into the boot using your fingers to guide the toes (including fake toes). You'll have to wait for the wound to heal, or use Melolin strips to protect the wound area.

2) If that's all a bit daunting, Hunnyboots can make a custom insole with the toes in place to go under a single sock. To do this, a plaster sole inprint of both feet and some photos are needed.

  • Here at Zoomadog we always recommend Hunnyboots. These are specifically designed for greyhound and whippet paws with high shanks to fit skinny legs and not fall off. They're excellent for dogs recovering from, or who have, current corns, or need extra protection for their sensitive paws. They can be worn inside or out on walks in all weathers.

Find regular Hunnybots here: 

Or the fleece-lined version here:

Hunnyboots socks are here: 

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