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Finney, the Greyhound, Suffers with Corns and Grass Allergies in the Spring

Finney, the Greyhound, Suffers with Corns and Grass Allergies in the Spring

Finney, my greyhound, had been off his usual games and feeling very sorry for himself for a couple of months.

Finney and his corns

Finney has very thin skin on very sensitive feet. 

With the corn, it started with us noticing he was a bit uncomfortable on his front right foot, and not as happy as usual - out on his walks or at home - so we tried him on Metacam for few days. With no improvement, we took him to the vet, who examined his legs and feet and gave us Previcox for him (a stronger painkiller).

If that didn't work then Finney should have an x-ray. There was a slight improvement, but not enough so we booked him in for an x-ray. The x-ray didn't show very much (thankfully!) except a slight inflammation around a nail bed, so they prescribed a week of antibiotics for that. The antibiotics helped a lot, but after the week’s course he started to go backwards again. We took him back to the vet, and upon extremely close examination (with lit magnifying goggles) they diagnosed an infected corn - which is obviously very painful.

He then got a two week course of antibiotics and we were advised that if that didn’t work then the options were surgically extracting the corn or a tenotomy, but thankfully the antibiotics did the trick. During all of this, we found you online and ordered him some Hunnyboots and socks, and with the infection cleared out and his corn no longer under pressure when he walks he has been happy as a clam ever since! The corn should grow out soon enough now, surgery has been avoided, and Finney has found his grin again.

Finney also has a grass allergy

The grass allergy is really only an issue during the growing season, and it shows up as pink/red skin on his feet. We use Piriton rather than any prescription drugs, but now that he is in four Hunnyboots when we go out on walks we are hoping that this issue will also be all but resolved. This weather has been dreadful, but the boots do wash up very well if you follow the instructions - we will though be buying a couple of new pairs of boots and socks for him to make sure we don't run out while the others are drying!
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Finney, my Greyhound, Suffers with Corns and Grass Allergies in the Spring

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