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Can I Remove A Greyhound Corn At Home By Myself?

Can I Remove A Greyhound Corn At Home By Myself?

Corns are very painful for your greyhound, so simply ignoring the problem is not an option. There are a number of treatment options for greyhound corns, the one most appropriate for you and your dog depends on you, your dog and your vet.

Can I Remove A Greyhound Corn At Home By Myself?

It is possible for you to remove corns yourself at home. However you should only do this if you feel confident and have first sought advice and guidance from a vet.

Although it is not always appropriate to treat them yourself at home, corns are something which your greyhound will likely never be fully cured from, so learning how you can help with maintenance at home is really helpful.

Watch How to Remove a Corn

Watch Mark from Hunnyboots, the company who make the best greyhound boots for corns, remove a corn with only his fingers.

Watch the video here

What Are Corns in My Greyhound?

Corns on your dog's paw are circular blister-like spots of hardened skin. Corns are painful and uncomfortable, making your dog limp or unable to put weight on the particular paw, making even short walks difficult. Corns are very specific to greyhounds and are rarely found in other breeds, corns are the most common skin condition from which sighthounds suffer.

Join the Excellent Facebook Group

There is an excellent Facebook group called 'Greyhounds with Corns' especially designated to greyhounds with corns. Greyhound owners share ideas, treatments and frustrations with corns.

Join the Facebook group Greyhounds with Corns here.

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What are Greyhound Corns? Causes, Prevention and How to Help

Read About Corns

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The Best Greyhound Boots

Introducing Hunnyboots! Hunnyboots are especially designed for the slim greyhounds and whippet paws

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