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How Can I Stop My Greyhound Corns Re-Occurring?

How Can I Stop My Greyhound Corns Re-Occurring?

Is There a Cure for Corns?

Unfortunately, there isn't currently a cure for corns and only occasionally when corns are removed, they will not return.

However, they often do reoccur, no matter what method is used to remove them, including surgery and amputation. Management is the key.

Regular Paw Care Can Help Prevent Corns

  • Nail trimming - keeping the nails at the right length.
  • Moisturise your greyhound's paw pads.
  • Clean the paws regularly to remove any debris, which can increase the likelihood of corns.
  • Protective corn boots provide extra padding to the paw pads, helping prevent corn development.

Check the bottom of your greyhound’s paws. The earlier a corn is caught, the better. They’re much easier to deal with in their early stages.

Consider exercising your greyhound on softer surfaces such as grass rather than concrete.

Keep your greyhound at the right weight. Excess body weight increases pressure on the paw pads.

Read more about Corns: Causes, Prevention and How to Help

Corn Treatments include:

  • Purchasing a pair of greyhound boots

which will greatly increase the chance of preventing a recurrence of the corns. Hunnyboots are the best brand on the market, as they're designed with a slim and long shape which means the boots don’t fall off.

See Hunnyboots here

  • Purchase a deep soft bed

Make sure your dog has a deep soft bed and potentially matting around the house for extra comfort

  • Anti-viral cream

It's been found that the application of an anti-viral cream to the corn bed, once a corn's been hulled, results in either smaller or no recurring corns. While often bothersome for both the greyhound and their owner, with good management a greyhound can live a long and full life with corns.

Join the Excellent Facebook Group

There is an excellent Facebook group called 'Greyhounds with Corns' especially designated to greyhounds with corns. Greyhound owners share ideas, treatments and frustrations with corns.

Join the Facebook group Greyhounds with Corns here.



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The Best Greyhound Boots

Introducing Hunnyboots! Hunnyboots are especially designed for the slim greyhounds and whippet paws

Find Hunnyboots
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