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My Greyhound Needs a Toe Amputated. What Should I Do?

My Greyhound Needs a Toe Amputated. What Should I Do?

Surgery should arguably be the last resort for corns. Read further into non-surgical treatments here, which many greyhound owners swear by as a trusted alternative:

If you decide on surgery. Amputation should be used as a last resort for treatment of corns.  Unfortunately amputating a toe which has corns in no way guarantees that they will be cured and, in most cases, just means that they develop corns on another toe.

Many greyhound owners instead opt for greyhound boots which both protect and reduce limping and the corn. See Hunnyboots here: If you do go ahead with Hunnyboots and an amputation, you can put cotton wool inside the boot where the toe once was for the best boot fit.

There is an excellent Facebook group especially designated to greyhounds with corns. They share ideas, treatments and frustrations with corns. Join here:

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