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10 Best Dog Knuckling Boots & Braces 2024 UK

10 Best Dog Knuckling Boots & Braces 2024 UK

Your dog might have started to show signs of paw knuckling. Perhaps their nails are getting shorter or their skin has started to bleed. Get them back on the road with the help of a great knuckling boot or knuckling brace below.

What is knuckling in dogs?

Knuckling is when your dog drags the top of the paw along the ground as they are walking. It is generally a neurological problem but all dogs can be victims of knuckling. Some common medical conditions include Degenerative Myelopathy, dog IVDD, dog spine problem or injury, or operation etc. These causes can range from minor to serious and should be checked by the vet to be safe. Give your dog extra grip with with knuckling boot or brace below.

The easiest solution... try a knuckling boot

If your dog is knuckling their paws, the easiest solution is to use a protective boot. This will protect the dog's nails from damage, and help prevent injury and infection. 

1. PawZ Rubber Dog Boots - Waterproof & Best For Light Use (black)

These should only be used for VERY light knuckling. PawZ Rubber Dog Boots provide outstanding protection against everything from dirt, mud and water. These durable, flexible booties allow your dog’s paws to feel the ground, providing a surefooted sense of security all year round. Good for early signs of Degenerative Myelopathy.

  • Keep paws clean from dirt, mud and water
  • Protect wounds, stop licking, promote healing
  • Fit snugly, yet easy to put on and pull off
  • Best for occasional or temporary use

Paws Rubber Dog Boots are here

2. Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boots 

Walkabout knuckling boots are best for light to moderate paw knuckling. They have an extra sole on the top of the boot helps to prevent abrasions and scrapes to your dog's paws and claws, as well as protecting the boot from wearing out on the top as regular boots will. Walkabout Knuckling Boots hug the dog's paws and fit like a glove, enabling your dog to move around comfortably as normal. Protective dog boots for both indoor and outdoor use to help dogs that suffer from paw dragging/ knuckling. Trusted and recommended by veterinary hospitals worldwide.
  • Light and easy to put on
  • Importantly provides protection to the top of the paw
  • Last longer than regular non-knuckling boots
  • Velcro strap secures Knuckling boot so your dog can’t remove
  • Single boot

Find Walkabout Knuckling Boots here

3. WagWear Mojave (breathable)

WagWear Mojave breathable rubber dog boots are excellent for paw knuckling and paw dragging when you need to keep your dog's paw skin and nails protected. These are the breathable rubber boot design with perforated holes allowing for lots of ventilation when exercising or in the warmer months.

  • Excellent breathable rubber boots for paw knuckling, dragging and grip
    100% rubber
  • Easy to put on with wide opening and Velcro to securely fasten
  • Easy to wash as made from rubber

Find WagWear Breathable here 

4. WagWear Wellies (waterproof)

The WagWear rubber dog boots are excellent if your dog needs protection for paw knuckling, paw dragging or splaying. These rubber boots protect the top of their paw skin and nails, and allows them to grip or normal or slippery surfaces. The rubber material means these are resilient boots which do not break or split as quickly as others when used for paw knuckling or dragging. Very secure boots with a Velcro strap around the top.

  • Excellent protection for paw knuckling, paw dragging or splaying
  • 100% rubber. They do not break, crack or split like others
  • Wide boot opening and easy Velcro straps to secure
  • Non-slip allowing your dog to get around corners
  • Washing boots is easy as rubber, can go swimming

Find WagWear Wellies here

Or you can try a brace...

5. Maximus Paws Up

Maximus PawsUp are the best dog boots on the market to stop paw knuckling. Paw knuckling is when the paw curls and your dog does not walk on the pad. PawsUp work in a completely different way to regular boots, they work by correcting how your dog walks meaning they will put their paws flat on the floor again. They are best for dogs with a limp, unsteady gait, wobble walk or light paw knuckling. 
  • Excellent for light paw knuckling, wobbly walk or unsteady gait
  • Can be worn for an extended period of time
  • Often used with a dog wheelchair
  • Soft and well padded with a Velcro strap
  • Machine washable

Find Maximus PawsUp here

6. Maximus Skates

Maximus Skates are excellent for dogs in wheelchairs who have lost the use of their back legs or have aggressive paw knuckling. Skates allow your dog to maintain their natural standing position, protecting their paws and increasing back and forth gliding resulting in exercise. Using skates means your dog will balance well in a dog wheelchair, maintain muscle and mobility.
  • Excellent if your dog suffers from paw knuckling
  • Increases exercise and muscle usage compared to using stirrups
  • Soft and well padded with a Velcro strap
  • Can be worn for an extended period of time
  • Machine washable

Find Maximus Skates here

7. Custom Maximus Brace

Maximus PawsUp Custom Brace is the best choice if you want a long lasting or premium solution to your dog's front paw knuckling. This is the best front paw knuckling brace on the market WORLDWIDE. The brace will protect, de-knuckle and get your dog to put their paw flat on the floor again meaning they reduce nail shortening and skin damage. This brace will correct your dogs paw position as much as possible.
  • Excellent if your dog suffers from severe front paw knuckling
  • For paws between 1.75 - 3.25" width
  • The brace will put your dog's paw flat again on the floor
  • Can be worn for an extended period of time
  • Machine washable

Find Maximus Front Knuckling Brace here

Or you can try a splint...

8. Splint

A splint is ideal for dogs with paw knuckling in either their front or rear paws. This splint is hard, it provides support underneath the foot and extends to just below the hock or carpal joint. A splint will fully immobilise the paw and wrist, it will keep your dog's paw straight so that it can recover from a fracture or injury.

Find Rear Splints here

Or you can try a training brace...

9. Anti-Knuckling Training Sock

The Anti-Knuckling Training Dog Sock is excellent for paw knuckling, this sock encourages your dog to pick up its leg in the correct direction but without forcing it, slowly building up the muscle to hold their leg themselves. The knuckling sock stimulates a dog between its toes and causes him to pick the foot up higher. It is a temporary training tool for short-term, 2 - 5 mins a day. Perfect for rehabilitative use for pets recovering from spinal or IVDD surgery (ask your vet or physiotherapist for guidance). Lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable, with convenient touch-fastener closures.

  • Excellent if your dog's paw knuckle
  • Encourages your dog to pick up their paws normally again
  • Perfect for dogs recovering from injuries and disease
  • With extra fleece padding, your dog will find more balance
  • Provides training support for dogs who drag their back paws

Find anti-knuckling training sock here 


10. Joint Supplement

You must use a joint supplement to help your dog's knuckling; it will mean they walk with more ease while reducing pain.

Find joint supplements here

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