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Pawz Waterproof Rubber Dog Boots

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Pawz Waterproof Rubber Dog Boots are the perfect product to protect your dog's paws from grass allergies, water, keep paw sours and injuries clean and dry sores. The rubber is thick and the design is snug, stretchy and comfortable. These lightweight boots are worn like a sock, the boots are disposable and biodegradable yet also reusable. The Pawz Rubber Boots are waterproof and will keep your dog's paws completely dry. They are easy to pull on over a paw or sock and you can wash after to use again. If your dog pulls off normal socks and boots, these rubber ones will be a good option as they stretch to get on but then fit snug to the leg.

  • 12 x disposable rubber dog boots
  • Keeps paws waterproof and dry
  • Great for cuts, scratches and sensitive paws
  • Ideal for dogs who pull off boots as they’re tight around top
  • Outdoor or indoor use

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How to Measure Pawz Waterproof Rubber Dog Boots

Pawz Waterproof Rubber Boots Sizes

Pawz Waterproof Rubber Boots Sizes

Measure the length of your dogs' paw

Tiny 1"
XXSmall 1.5"
XSmall 2"
Small 2.5"
Medium 3"
Large 4"
XLarge above 4"