Power Paws Non-Slip Socks (Advanced)

Power Paws Non-Slip Socks (Advanced)
Power Paws Non-Slip Socks (Advanced)
Power Paws Non-Slip Socks (Advanced)
Power Paws Non-Slip Socks (Advanced)
Power Paws non-slip dog socks prevent dogs from slipping on floors, give improved traction to senior dogs and help the mobility of dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis. These socks have reinforced stitching in the front o prevent nails coming through, and unlike so many other cheaper version these actually stay on!

In 8 sizes from XXS to XXXL, these socks are available in a range of colours and there is also a special Greyhound edition sock for dogs with 'hare' shaped feet. These socks come in a pack of 4. 

  • Traction for leg weakness - a symptom of hip dysplasia or arthritis
  • Mobility for dogs who struggle with hardwood or polished floors
  • Protection for injured feet, alternative to the cone
  • Protects hardwood floors, furniture or cars from nail scratches
  • Keeps paws clean after grooming
  • Protection from hot pavements and allergens

  • Comfortable to wear, light and breathable material
  • Made to fit and stay on dog feet - elasticated top and middle
  • Non-slip grip material on the bottom of each sock
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 2 types - Regular and Greyhound. Greyhound edition is made for any hare-footed shape dog (where the paw is longer than it is wide e.g Whippets, Poodles but can be any breed of dog)
  • Stays on all day, even when running or playing

Directions for use:
  • A good fit is a snug fit. If your socks slip off, swivel around or is too large for the foot, you need a smaller size
  • If your sock will not stretch to your dog's foot, a bigger size is needed
  • In the rare case of where the sock is a perfect fit for the foot but it slips down, you can shrink the socks in a warm wash followed by cold drying
  • If you dog needs a longer sock, the Greyhound edition of PowerPaws may be more suitable


Please view the measuring chart below. If your dog is between sizes, we would recommend choosing the smaller size.

Place your dog's paw on some paper and mark the outer limits of paw length and width to compare with the measurements with the sizes below.

Please note- these socks are for dogs with 'square' shaped paws - where the width and length are similar. If your dog has a longer length than width, please look at the Greyhound PowerPaws.

Size Paw Width and Length (Minimum - Maximum)
XXS 1.25-1.38" 2.75-3.5cm
XS 1.38-1.75" 3.5-4cm
S 1.75-2" 4-5cm
M 2-2.38" 5-5.5cm
L 2.38-2.75" 5.5-6.5cm
XL 2.75-3.125" 6.5-7.5cm
XXL 3.125-3.5" 7.5-8.5cm
XXXL 3.5-3.88" 8.5-9.5cm

The breed size below is just an indication, so please make sure you measure your dogs front and back paws before ordering, to ensure the correct size.


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