Life Changing! (04/06/2017)
It may sound like an exaggeration but this statement is true! Our dog suffers from a disease in his paws. He had a permanent limp and could only walk for 10-15mins. We tried various other boots which either didn't stay on or made no improvement to his lameness. But Therapaw boots made a tremendous difference to the quality of our life. We can both enjoy walks again. He can walk for 40mins and he no longer limps. Thank you

Marlene - England
Excellent boots! (10/11/2016)
We had tried several different boots for our "teflon coated" frequently lame greyhound with little success. However, these really do stay on!! We have found that in wet weather it is worth having two boots to alternate as they are more inclined to rub when wet. We have also found that due to the fine coat and thin skin of a greyhound, a thin cotton sock inside the boot stops his foot becoming rubbed. He walks well in them and they are definitely helping his lameness. The staff at Zoomadog are incredibly helpful regarding sizing etc - I have already recommended the company to several "doggie" friends!

Faith - Looe Cornwall
Really helped my dog (31/10/2016)
Thank you for you help with sorting out the boots for Holly, my miniture bullterrier. As a puppy she had fractured sesamoid bones in her right front paw,which I never worked out how it happened. However, the bionic vet practice Noel Fitzpatrick, diagnosed and removed these bones entirely, and she has been fine since then, albeit with a slightly larger paw. But recently at 7years old, she has been limping and my local vet has suggested further investigations, but I am reluctant to put her through more surgery as in the past she has had further surgery for swallowing a foreign body which got stuck in her gut, with the consequence she is terrified of any vet visit. Hence my search for an alternative answer and the boots.

I was so surprised the first day she wore them at how happy she was leaping about,I realised she must have been in quite a lot of pain before. I then had to go away for a few days to look after my grandchildren,and left my husband to walk her. His comment on the phone was"she was skipping about like a spring lamb" just says it all. I am so pleased she appears to be pain free, especially on gravel paths as she always tried to avoid walking on the uneven sharp surface. The reason I bought 2 boots is that she gets a skin reaction from the local fields, presumably pesticides and fertiliser, which I hope will not recur now she has the boots.

Carol - UK
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